Public Relations N4 - N6

Every organisation that deals with the public must put the best face forward this is Public Relations. For an organisation, every phone call, every letter, every face-to-face encounter is a public relations event.

Public Relations practioners help establish a favourable image among customers and clients - the public. The public could be any one from customers in case of a business to the citizenry in case of a government. Public Relations practitioners are therefore highly sought out individuals in both public (government) and private sectors (business).

Entry Requirements:

A senior certificate or a National Certificate (N3), or a National Senior Certificates, or an equivalent qualification.

Duration: 6 Months per Certificate.


  • Information Processing N4, Entrepreneurship N4, Communication N4, Computer Practice N4.

  • Information Processing N5, Entrepreneurship N5, Communication N5, Computer Practice N5.

  • Information Processing N6, Entrepreneurship N6, Communication N6, Computer Practice N6.

    Career Options:

    Publicity, Communications, Training, Personal Assistant, Digital marketer, Advertising,

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    Thanks for the bursary

    The bursary that you gave me saved the day. I was stranded at home with no one to turn to. Thanks for the new lease of life you have afforded me. I am now completing my Civil engineering course. The future looks brighter.

    Great School, wonderful lecturers

    Your lecturers are not only kind but they are also focussed on the task of educating us. This plus the facilities at the college have made Crane International Academy a great school indeed. It is a school I recommend to any young person seeking success and a bright future.

    The Accomodation came handy

    Am from Ermelo and without the accomodation organised by the college I would not be at school now. But because of the great organisation by Crane International Academy I am furthering my education hundreds of kilometres away from home. But, I am not worried because the college made my accomodation possible.