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Technical College Preparing you for Employment ...

Getting a job in South Africa today is getting very difficult. The secret is to be prepared with the best practical education.

Crane International Academy (CIA) is a Technical college in Witbank and Secunda that has stepped into this void to offer you the best technical education as cheaply as possible. Money should not be the reason you do not get an education, we offer bursaries to many of our learners who have financial challenges.

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CIA - Registration Status

  • Provissionally Accredited by Umalusi: FET00802PA .

  • Higher Education Registration: Nr 2013/FET07/002 .

  • IST - TETA Registration: Teta 12-284.

  • Examination Centre Number: 0699990680 .

    Benefits for students

    Enrolling at Crane International Academy (Technical College) is the best choice you have made. Depending on your chosen study program, you have the opportunity to:

    Get the best affordable training recognised by the South African Government.

    Gain valuable work experience while being trained

    Obtain a world class qualification and skills.

    Get a head start in your career

    Get credits for further study say university

    Soft Skills you need to Succeed

    The competition for jobs in South Africa is very stiff, you therefore need to bring to the working environment something that others do not have. This is what we offer you at CIA. Below are some of the skills you will get at the Academy that will stand in you good stead after school:

    - Good communication speaking and writing
    - Motivated, team player, leadership skills
    - Honesty
    - Show energy, a spark to move ahead, initiative
    - Excellent Etiquette
    - Lead Meetings
    - Learn how to conduct yourself properly
    - Negotiation Skills
    - Powerful Presentation Skills

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    Thanks for the bursary

    The bursary that you gave me saved the day. I was stranded at home with no one to turn to. Thanks for the new lease of life you have afforded me. I am now completing my electrical engineering course. The future looks brighter.

    Great School, wonderful lecturers

    Your lecturers are not only kind but they are also focussed on the task of educating us. This plus the facilities at the college have made Crane International Academy a great school indeed. It is a school I recommend to any young person seeking success and a bright future.

    The Accomodation came handy

    Am from Ermelo and without the accomodation organised by the college I would not be at school now. But because of the great organisation by Crane International Academy I am furthering my education hundreds of kilometres away from home. But, I am not worried because the college made my accomodation possible.